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Fully Regulated DexStar

The regulated platform has an exemption to run a Digital Payment Token exchange.  DexStar intends to launch this exchange as part of its road map.

The Ecosystem will accelerate the launch of the Exchange utilizing the core technologies from a dedicated team led by the founders of one of the world’s first leading exchanges.

DXST token will be listed on at least two top tier exchanges within weeks of the initial close of the ICO

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How we Intended to Develop
the Future.

The Launch off DXST, DMNR and MINR will be on Polygon. We are also working on launching on BSC and building an interoperability bridge to facilitation initial adoption.

Meet Our Talented Team Members

DexStar has engaged a number of highly skilled team members and advisors with fantastic credentials.

DexStar Ecosystem Tokens

The Launch of DXST, DMNR and MINR will be on Polygon.  We are also working on launching on BSC and building an interoperability bridge to facilitation initial adoption. Both access tokens will be supported by Real Assets.

With the aim of tokenized Access to Real world Assets, DexStar’s ecosystem tokens will be anchored to the real thing.

This will give an intrinsic base value and real income generating yields. Combining careful curation by DexStar’s highly experienced Investment Committee, Investment Managers, leading DeFi Automated Market Makers and Automated Yield Generators.  With DXST as a Governance and LP token, the world of DeFi changes dramatically as it is now anchored to Real World Assets. 

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Singapore Regulated entity

DexStar Services Pte Ltd (DSPL) is currently on an exempt Payment Services Act status, and undergoing the license (for a few payment license categories) review process with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Whilst being exempted and legally able to issue DXST tokens in Singapore, DSPL recently (23rd April) submitted a revised business plan and organization chart reflecting the outline of Project DexStar. This was following the acquisition of the entity earlier in 2021.