What is Dexstar


Grand Vision

Tokenized Access to Real World Assets


Dexstar “DXST” Governance and Liquidity Token, exploiting the capacity of Decentralised Finance in a groundbreaking way.
Launching 2 New Access tokens to start acquiring Real World Assets for the platform to tokenize.

Introducing MINR, the first Metals and Mining backed access token.

DMNR, the Digital Mining (using Carbon Neutral power generation) based access token.


Both Access tokens will be paired to DXST and other stable coins to facilitate staking to generate yields.


Underlying assets that are carefully curated by the platform and voted on by the community and designed to generate revenue for users.

Staking and liquidity mining

Like traditional DeFi platforms staking the Access tokens will allow token holders to generate yields and provide liquidity. A choice of rewards will be on offer.

Locks / Bonus

Rewards from staking will be locked for weekly periods over a 12 week accumulation period.  New stakers/token holders can enter the 12 week accumulation period at any time. Up to the end of the 12 week period token holders can earn extra bonuses for staking each extra week.If not held to maturity over each week, the rewards will be lost.

Access REAL WORLD ASSETS of any kind

Metals and Mining

Digital Mining / Technology

Sustainable Energy

Real Estate



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Singapore Regulated entity

DexStar Services Pte Ltd (DSPL) is currently on an exempt Payment Services Act status, and undergoing the license (for a few payment license categories) review process with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Whilst being exempted and legally able to issue DXST tokens in Singapore, DSPL recently (23rd April) submitted a revised business plan and organization chart reflecting the outline of Project DexStar. This was following the acquisition of the entity earlier in 2021.